Jane’s Journeys offers fully-escorted group travel, which includes one-day, overnight, overseas tours and cruises.  Tour planning for pre-formed groups, such as banks, garden clubs, church and student groups, can also be arranged.


I personally design, make all reservations and escort my tours.  Personal service is very important and is the focal point of Jane’s Journeys.  I have been in the group tour industry since 1994 and realize the importance of hands-on, one-on-one service.  On overnight tours, I list in the itinerary all lodging properties, so that you will know the quality of the hotels you will be staying in.  I believe that this is important to you. I also include dinners the majority of evenings, rather than leaving this to the customer to find a quality restaurant for this meal. On one-day tours, I also include one meal, except for rare occasions, rather than leaving this to the customer.  I believe that taking the worry out of these matters is one of the reasons why you, the customer, choose a tour, rather than traveling on your own.  And, you are also guaranteed a delicious meal that has been planned and arranged for you.


Those of you who have traveled with me are very important and special.  I have made many friends throughout the years and appreciate these friendships very much.  My travelers are also my best source of advertising.  If a tour is great, please tell your friends and neighbors; in contrast, if something is not right, please let me know so that I can correct the problem.


I truly believe that you will not be disappointed if you try a Jane’s Journey.  Group travel is a wonderful way to sit back, see our beautiful country, make new friends, enjoy new experiences and have a lot of fun at the same time.  Thus, my slogan,“Experience the Joy of a Journey.”   I hope to see you soon!